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Beidou marine fishery equipment onboard terminals

The terminals are mainly used in ocean fishery production safety guarantee and can provide navigation, positioning, automatic anti-collision alarm, and one-click emergency distress alarm.

Function of Beidou marine fishery equipment onboard terminals


Beidou performance

·First acquisition time:≤2s
·Reacquisition time:≤300ms
·The highest receiving sensitivity:—162.6dBW (G/T=23dB/K)
·The transmitting power:10w
·Positioning accuracy:< BD systematic error
·The success rate of positioning:≥97%
·Mean free error time:≥5000h
·Mean time to repair:≤0.5h

GPS performance index

·Channel Num:16
·Antenna:Internal Antenna
·Positioning accuracy:10m(2DRMS)
·Positioning time:hot start ≤ 15s
·Cold start:≤ 2m
·Measuring speed:0.1 Knot(RMS)
·Update rate:1Hz

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