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Buoyage system

The Buoy can accommodate a variety of sensors to detect the water conductivity, salinity, temperature and other parameters, and also can measure hydrological parameters and other water quality parameters. The buoy uses small solar cells mixed with battery power supply, ensures a long time running on the sea. The Buoy is low cost, light, convenient for delivery, and has great buoyancy and shock resistance ability, etc.

Function of Buoyage system


·Depth requirement :< 20m
·Stainless steel structure,diameter >= 500mm,height 230mm – 280mm,thickness 1.5mm – 2mm
·Load capacity:20kg
·Real-time receiving rate of transmission data ≥ 95%
·Can detect the parameters such as conductivity, salinity, temperature of the water, and extensible measuring wave, dissolved oxygen, PH, chlorophyll and other hydrological parameters.
·Beidou data transfer success rate > 90%
·Anti-thunder treatment

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