• Global Satellite Navigation Technology Co., Ltd was set up in 1995. Since we were recognized as a high technology company in 1997, we are engaged in the development, manufacturing and selling of the products of satellite communication and navigation. Our products have been wildly used in many fields, especial in seas and oceans where we have calculated much experience. Our company can develop beacon station differential GPS Navigators and Receivers, which have the sub-metre precision, according the customers’ special position requirement. They have been well applied to remote sensing experiment flight and waterway dredging projects of Changjiang River and Zhujiang River.

    The products have been used to air real-time position of aerial remote sensing and as position basis of image processing by Technical Physics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The products of Beidou-1/GPS display and control terminals and Beidou-1/GPS communication terminals, which have been researched in recent years, have widely applied to the project of Fishing Boats Position Monitoring System launched by Ministry of Agriculture. They essentially solve the practical problems of boat position monitoring, danger alarm, maritime rescuer and so on, and improve the fishery modernization level, and preserve the national maritime rights and interests. Nowadays, Our Beidou-1 ground terminals have been widely recognized by society, which means our company has taken a space in the progress of Beidou-1/Compass industrializations. Our company was through the quality system certification of ISO9001 in 2009. In the same year, The University of Nottingham and we built the only joint laboratory (Nottingham-Shanghai Joint GNSS Laboratory) in term of GNSS in China, which established the foundation of improving our competitive power in the field of GNSS researching and developing and building good relationships of international cooperation. Now, we are engaged in researching and developing new generational products, which have much well cost performances, stronger reliability and can be used in many more fields for our customers.

  • The operation principle: Scientific Man-agement, Technological Innovation, High Quality Services and Satisfaction-s of Customers.

    Quality target: Implement 90% of customer satisfaction, increasing by 1% per year;Percent of pass reaches to 98% at one time when products are finally finished to check;Complete and improve the quality management sys-tem and make sure it is up to the standard of ISO9001;Make sure 100% of sold products can be repaired in time.






  • Zhong Yu Instrument — is a profess-ional company engaged in the high technology research and development of GPS, GLONASS, Compass, and ultrasonic detecting.

    BDstar Navigation — The major busi-ness of the company are including the application of information system based on position, the supply of satellite navigation and position products and the operation service based on position.

    The University of Nottingham — was built in 1881, is one of the famous British universities. It wins the internat-ional reputation by the high education quality and is always the good choice for students.

  • The University of Nottingham and we built the Notttngham-Shanghai Joint GNSS Laboratory on 13th Sep 2009. Establishing this joint laboratory has a significant meaning in further strengthening the international academic exchange between UK and China, international project cooperation, joint training of postgraduates, visitor sending of each other, especially in improving our company’s academic level in the field of GPS and engineering research and  expanding our international academic influence.

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